Have you ever registered to a forum and continually received spam emails afterwards? Forum owners often dont care about your desire to not receive any email at all. Sometimes they even sell your email address to spam networks so you will never be free of spam at all!

The only possible solution is, to keep your personal email address private.

Tempmail.de tries to help you by offering an anonymous, temporarey, disposal email address that can be used to receive emails without the risk of unveiling your personal address to spam networks.

Tempmail.de has not been created to support any illegal acts. Please do not abuse this service to perform any actions that are against any laws. Tempmail.de reserves the right to take necessary measures to prevent illegal operations. This includes deleting accounts, banning IP addresses or blocking emails.

When visiting tempmail.de you will be assigned a free email address that is shown at the top of the page.

Just copy and paste this address to the website you would like to register and wait for your confirmation email that will be displayed at your inbox.

Click at the email subject to read the content, download attachments or follow registration links.

Afterwards you dont have to care for any spam because your personal address is still private.

Tempmail.de implements several measures that shall protect your privacy and prevent any spam being sent to your temporary email address or (if activacted) being forwarded to your personal email address. Those measures include:

Usually your email address will be assigned as long as your browser session continues. So if you keep the tempmail.de inbox opened, your assignment will be refreshed regularly. After closing the browser window, your session will expire and your address be marked for deletion.

Nevertheless you have the possibility to make your address persistent by completing the register process. Those addresses wont be deleted any more and can be used to store emails or forward them to your personal email address.

Your temporary email address and all remaining data will be deleted within an hour after your session has expired.

If you registered your email address, it will be deleted if you have not used it for six months (counting from your last login). Alternatively you can delete your account if you dont need it any more via the web interface. After deleting your account the address will be temporary again and be deleted after your session has expired.